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Silicon Light Patch to remove bruises. The kit contains 2 patches (Yellow and Blue) Use the yellow patch for first few nights to initiate hematoma dissolution and finish the treatment last day by using blue patch to completely remove the bruise.

Lucis Light Patch - Refill Yellow/Blue

  • Pack Content:

    1 Instruction for use
    1 Yellow Patch
    1 Blue Patch


    The Light Patches (blue and yellow) are
    categorised as disposable material. One light
    patch has a limited lifetime approximately
    2 weeks before the light intensity dramatically
    drop down. Light Patch is to be used only for one bruise
    treatment. For the next treatment use the
    new refill patches with your current electronic

  • 1. Before applying the Lucis light patch, any dressing
    and coatings must be removed from the bruise. The
    operational time of the inverter is approximately
    8 hours and it should be charge before the treatment.
    If it is needed, it can be charged during the
    2. Plug the patch in the socket at the end of the
    0,5m long cable, which goes from the inverter.
    Be careful about two pins coming out of the silicone.
    Do not wet or bend them, or damage them in any
    other way.
    3. When the bruise is fresh and has a violet
    color, use the yellow patch. Attach it
    on the skin with stretch net or when the
    bruise is on more complicated place, use
    kind tape or bandage. Press the button on the
    inverter to switch it on and place it on some place,
    where it can not be damaged. Use the yellow patch,
    until the hematoma dissolves and the bruise turns
    4. When the bruise is yellow, apply the blue
    patch same way as the yellow. The blue light
    decreases the bilirubin level in the blood.
    Use the blue patch, until the bruise is gone.

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